• Solar off-grid controller MPPT series (10A-40A)
  • Solar off-grid controller MPPT series (10A-40A)
  • Solar panel controller, solar controller

The solar off-grid controller MPPT-TR-AN series has an adaptive three-stage charging mode controlled by digital circuits to extend battery life, system performance, and electronic protection functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, PV and battery reverse connection to ensure solar power supply system. Running. Widely used in many fields such as RV, communication base station, household system and field monitoring.

MPPT-TR-AN series (10A-40A)
MPPT-TR-AN series (50A-100A)
MPPT-TR-BN series (10A-40A)
MPPT-TN-N series (10A-40A)
Product Details
System Rated Voltage12/24VDC★ Automatic Identification
Rated Charging Current10A20A10A20A30A40A
rated discharge current10A20A10A20A30A40A
Controller Operating Voltage Range8~32V
Max PV open circuit voltage60V (minimum temperature) 46V (25°C)100V (minimum temperature) 92V (25°C)
Maximum power point operating voltage range(battery voltage +2V)~36V(battery voltage +2V)~72V
Maximum PV input power130W/12V260W/12V130W/12V260W/12V390W/12V520W/12V
Static Loss≤12mA
Discharge loop voltage drop≤0.23V
Temperature Compensation Factor ◆-3mV/°C/2V (default)
Ground TypeNegative grounding
RS485 communication interface5VDC/100mA
LCD backlight time60S (default)

★When the battery type is “Lithium Ion Battery”, the system voltage cannot be recognized automatically. Please confirm the system voltage before use.
◆When the battery type is “Lithium Ion Battery”, the temperature compensation coefficient is 0, which cannot be changed.

Working temperature range-25°C~+50°C (full load operation)
Storage temperature range-20°C~+70°C
Relative Humidity≤95%, no condensation
Protection levelIP30

※ It can be fully loaded within the working environment temperature range. When the internal temperature exceeds 81 °C, the charging power reduction mode is turned on.

Installation size130x130mm170x145mm170x164mm210x171mm
Installation hole sizeΦ5mm
Recommended wiring diameter12AWG(4mm2)10AWG(6mm2)8AWG(10mm2)6AWG(16mm2)
Net weight0.57kg0.94kg1.26kg1.65kg

太阳能离网控制器MPPT系列(10A-40A) 配件

Design Features

MPPT upper power point tracking technology
High-end power point tracking speed, while ensuring tracking efficiency
Further optimize the MPPT control algorithm to ensure the upper power point loss rate and short loss time
Accurate identification and tracking of multi-peak upper limit power points
Improve system performance with high quality components
Rated charging current and charging power automatic adjustment function
Wide PV array upper limit power point operating voltage range
Supports a variety of battery types for lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries
With battery temperature compensation
Real-time electricity statistics recording function
High temperature charging automatic power reduction function
Variety of load control modes
It can be operated without derating at full load within the working temperature range.
Standard Modbus communication protocol based on RS485 communication bus, communication distance is longer
The communication interface uses a dedicated power protection chip, which can provide 5VDC/100mA power supply and has overcurrent short circuit protection.
Monitor and set parameters via mobile app and PC monitoring setup software
Complete electronic protection function

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