• U-7000-8000MTL-S Single Phase Grid-tied Inverter

U-7000-8000MTL-S Single-phase household grid-connected inverter series for small and medium-sized household systems, compact structure, simple installation, quiet, maintenance-free.

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U-7000-8000MTL-S Single Phase Grid-tied Inverter
Product Details
Maximum DC input power (W)9100W10400W
Maximum DC input voltage (V)*1550V550V
Startup voltage100V100V
Rated voltage360V360V
DC input voltage range
Full load MPPT voltage range70-550V70-550V
Maximum input current of each MPPT
Maximum DC input current for each string12.5A12.5A
MPPT number / number of strings per channel2/1+22/1+2
Rated AC output power7000W8000W
Maximum AC output power7700VA8000VA
Maximum AC output current33.5A34.8A
Rated output voltage / range220V/180-280V220V/180-280V
Grid Frequency/Range50Hz, 60Hz/±5Hz50Hz, 60Hz/±5Hz
Power factor0.8 lead-0.8 lag0.8 lead-0.8 lag
Exchange connection typeL+N+PEL+N+PE
Size (width/height/thickness) mm415/378/143415/378/143
Operating temperature range-35°C…+60°C-35°C…+60°C
Noise index (usually)≤30dB(A)≤30dB(A)
AltitudeNo derating below 3000mNo derating below 3000m
Night self-consumption electricity<0.5W<0.5W
Topologyno transformerno transformer
Cooling methodnatural coolingnatural cooling
Protection levelIP65IP65
Relative humidity0-100%, no condensation0-100%, no condensation
System Applications

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