• 19W-20W-18V Small Solar Panel

Small solar panels can be applied to portable solar power, solar garden lights, solar traffic lights, small wind and solar hybrid power generation systems and other application scenarios.

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Product Details
Peak Power (W)19±3%20±3%
Open circuit voltage (V)21.621.6
Peak Voltage (V)18.018.0
peak current (A)1.061.11
Short-circuit current (A)1.131.21
Cell efficiency20.0%21.0%
Maximum system voltage (V)600V DC
Rated operating temperature48±2°C
Working temperature range-40°C- +85°C
Current temperature coefficient0.1%/°C
Voltage temperature coefficient-0.37%/°C
Power Temperature Coefficient0.45%/°C
Solar Cell78*39*0.19mm
Number of cells32 pcs
Weight1.5 kgs
Surface PackagingLow iron tempered glass/3.2mm
SealantEthylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
BorderAnodized Aluminum/Silver
Junction Box Waterproof Level≥IP65
Pre-wind pressure5400Pa
Back wind pressure2400Pa
Maximum hail impact25mm/ 23m/s
19W-20W-18V small solar panel assembly size chart

19W-20W-18V small solar panel assembly size chart


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