• 300W-310W Flexible Solar Panel
  • 300W Flexible Solar Panel, 310W Flexible Solar Panel
  • 300W Flexible Solar Panel, 310W Flexible Solar Panel, URILIC ENERGY

The 300W-310W flexible solar panel is made of tough material, anti-extrusion, light weight, thin thickness, soft and bendable, and good low-light performance. It is widely used in ships, automobiles, tourist vehicles, golf carts, etc.

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Product Details
Peak power Pm(W)300W (0/+5W)310W (0/+5 W)
Open circuit voltage Voc(V)40.340.3
Max.power voltage Vmp(V)33.033.0
Max.power current Imp(A)9.109.32
Short circuit current Isc(A)9.619.84
Module Efficiency(%)18.218.4
Dimensions(L*W*T)/Weight(kgs)1661*990*2mm / 4.6kgs1681*1002*2mm / 4.8kgs
Solar cell/No.of cell and connectionsMono crystalline silicon
156.75*156.75 / 60 pcs
60 in series
Mono crystalline silicon
158.75*158.75 / 60 pcs
60 in series
Front cover(material)Transparent ETFE
Encapsulant(material)Independent research and development of patent materials
Back sheet/collorPatent materials / White
Junction box protection degreeIP 68 rated
Cable/Cable connector ModelPhotovoltaic technology cable 4.0 mm2, (+)150 / (-)450 mm / (MC4)
STCIrradiance 1000W/m2, Cell temperature 25℃, AM=1.5.Tolerances of Pmax, Voc and Isc are within ±5%
NMOTIrradiance 800W/m2, Ambient temperature 20℃, AM=1.5, Wind speed 1 m/s.
Operating temperature limit-40℃- +85℃
Coefficient current TK0.020 %/℃
Coefficient voltage TK-0.28 %/℃
Coefficient power TK-0.38 %/℃
Life≥25 years
Warranty25 years
Flexible solar panel features
  • Flexible solar panels
    Flexible panel with standard MC4 connector, flexible solar panels generate 20% more power than conventional solar panels in high temperature environments or when there is no direct sunlight
  • Easy to install
    It can be easily mounted on the roof of a ship or on the top surface of a car. Flexible solar panels are lightweight and thin, so they can be easily installed with screws or 3M glue.
  • Flexible properties
    Unique features with strong impact resistance not found in conventional solar panels, the flexibility of which reduces damage to solar panels due to vibration during transportation.
  • Good weight bearing
    Flexible solar panels also have the ability to withstand wind and snow loads.
Flexible Solar Panel Applications
300W-310W Flexible Solar Panel, URILIC ENERGY Applications300W-310W Flexible Solar Panel, URILIC Solar applications

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