• 80W-85W-18V单晶硅太阳能板
  • 单晶硅太阳能板80W

Solar DC cables are specially used for solar photovoltaic systems between solar panels and inverters or control boxes. They have UV resistance and can work outdoors for 25 years.

The solar cable is a supporting product of new energy equipment produced according to relevant standards, and is mainly used for indoor and outdoor solar installations and large-scale photovoltaic power stations. It has the characteristics of anti-aging, low smoke and halogen-free, anti-ultraviolet, weather resistance and a wide range of high temperature resistance. It maintains its excellent electrical and mechanical properties in complex environments and has more reliable performance compared to ordinary cables.

Product Details

Oxygen-free tinned copper conductors ensure its conductive effect. High-performance insulating materials and sheathing materials after radiation crosslinking through high-energy electrons have reliable insulation and mechanical properties. The product is a green product. Halogen-free, low smoke, low halogen and low smoke characteristics. In the event of a fire, the flame spreads slowly, the smoke concentration is low, the visibility is high, and the amount of harmful gas released is small.

Rated Voltage:

1000V DC



Insulation Material:


Contact Material:

99.7% Copper, Tin plated


UV Resistance, Halogen-free

Ambient Temperature:


Flame Class :

EN 50625 / UL 1571


Black / Red / Blue

1000V DC Double Core Solar Cable PV1-F Solar Cable
2PfG 1169 PV1-F photovoltaic cable, double core cable
SizeCross Section
Conductor Structure (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Max. DC Resistance at 20℃ (Ω/km)Rated Voltage (V)Rated Current (A)
1500V DC Double Core Solar Cable H1Z2Z2-K Solar Cable
H1Z2Z2-K 1500V Double-core photovoltaic cable

Cross Section


Conductor Structure (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Max. DC Resistance at 20℃ (Ω/km)Rated Voltage (V)Rated Current (A)

It is used for the wiring and connection of solar power plants or solar facility equipment. It has comprehensive performance, strong weather resistance and adaptability to various global power plant environments; as a connection cable for solar equipment, it can be installed outdoors under different climatic conditions And use, and can adapt to dry and humid indoor and outdoor working environment.

1000V-1500V DC photovoltaic twin-core cable, photovoltaic cable

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