• Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller 1000W48V
  • 1000W48V Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller
  • Wind & Solar Hybrid Controller 1000W48V
  • 1000W48V Wind & Solar Hybrid Controller

Wind and light complementary controllers have been condensed for many years of application experience (such as waterproof, dustproof, salt spray, operational wiring errors, fan wind limit control, energy management, etc.) regardless of application To charge control, or street light control, each performance is excellent. In order to cooperate with various applications, the controller adopts layering and building block structure. All functions can be combined with different function boards according to the actual application, which is convenient for quick customization and suitable for application.

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Wind & Solar Hybrid Controller 1000W48V
Product Details
fan input parameters
Rated fan power1KW/48V grade wind turbine
Frequency rated maximum current25A dc (DC after rectification; corresponding to fan AC input about 24Aac)
Fan maximum input current30A dc (after rectification; corresponding fan AC input is about 35Aac)

(working time <=15 minutes)

Maximum input voltage at the fan input120Vdc
Fan maximum speed limit500 Rpm (can be set)
Fan input maximum current limit20A (settable)
Fan protection methodNo-load input protection, over-speed protection, over-current protection, inductive lightning protection
Unloading methodExternal resistance PWM unloading.
MPPT functionno
Controller Power ModeEnter 100Vac-230Vac power supply
AccessibilityTemperature display (overtemperature alarm)
Display modeLCD display (dedicated) or software display
Communication methodTTL232 RS485/USB interface/short range wireless (optional)
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(For reference, the specific parameters vary according to the actual equipment)

Fan input voltage, current, power, power generation, speed, unloading current,

And abnormal information output voltage, current, power, power generation, etc.

How to operate3M foil button operation (4 buttons)
Working temperature and humidity range (environment)-40~+65°C/20~85%RH (but no condensation)
Protection levelIP41
Controller size (length * width * height *)215mm*148mm*84mm
net weight2.5KG
Design Features:
  1. The shape of the industrial-grade shape design is beautiful and generous.
  2. Visual graphical user interface, easy to operate, easy to identify. Let the customer know the corresponding function at a glance.
  3. Reliable waterproof performance (triple board three-proof treatment, layered structure design), even if water (small amount), will not damage the equipment.
  4. Standard RS232 communication, easy to monitor with computer software. (RS485, short-range wireless optional), using USB to RS232 components, more convenient to do data communication with the computer (computer with USB interface can be used).
  5. The injection molding process is adopted at the terminal, so that the short circuit and the wire are not caught, which makes the customer easy to operate.
  6. With an open source software platform (computer software), customers can quickly and easily customize their applications (via software or controller panels) and support centralized monitoring. All devices can be connected via the 485 bus. The communication distance reaches 2KM.
  7. New controller terminal upward warning function is provided. When the controller terminal is facing up, there is an early warning prompt for the customer to use in the correct installation direction, avoiding the use in the open air, or due to the weather, the wire surface junction Dew, rain directly along the wire, the water is introduced into the controller, the possibility of damage to the controller after a large amount of water.
  8. The controller integrates the operating temperature monitoring function to monitor the temperature of the device at all times to allow the controller to work normally and extend the life of the device.
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Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller 1000W48V solar wind hybrid system

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