• Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller 600W24V
  • 600W24V Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller
  • 600W24V Wind Solar Hybrid Controller
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Controller 600W24V

Wind and light complementary controllers have been condensed for many years of application experience (such as waterproof, dustproof, salt spray, operational wiring errors, fan wind limit control, energy management, etc.) regardless of application To charge control, or street light control, each performance is excellent. In order to cooperate with various applications, the controller adopts layering and building block structure. All functions can be combined with different function boards according to the actual application, which is convenient for quick customization and suitable for application.

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Product Details
Battery parameters
Applicable battery voltage24V
Battery protection methodReverse protection (do not burn any parts, have voice prompts);

Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection (for streetlight loads)

Overvoltage protection point voltage29.0V±0.2V
Overvoltage recovery point voltage27.5V±0.2V
Undervoltage protection point voltage21.0V±0.2V
Undervoltage recovery point voltage23.0V±0.2V
Battery temperature compensation5mv/°C/2V (available) (optional)
Fan input port parameters
Applicable fan rated power600W
Port rated current30A dc (after rectification)
Port maximum input current40A dc (after rectification)
Fan speed limit power generation preset speed700 Rpm (can be set)
Fan current limiting power generation preset current30A (can be set)
Fan protection methodOverspeed protection, overcurrent protection, inductive lightning protection
Unloading methodPWM stepless high frequency soft unloading (built-in)
MPPT functionBoost MPPT mode (automatic tracking or 5-band curve tracking)
MPPT channel input current18A
PV input port parameters
Applicable PV rated power270W~550W (standard)
Port rated input current15A (standard)
Charging voltage drop<0.2V
Photovoltaic Protection MethodReverse protection (voice reminder)
Unloading methodOpen unloading
Discharge output port parameters
Outputs2-way standard output/PWM mode is 1-channel dimming output
Every output current12A
Output protection methodOvercurrent protection (15A/30 seconds 18A/0.4 seconds), short circuit protection (current > 150A)
Output control methodLight control, time control, hold output, reverse output,

PWM output (250HZ only on the 2nd road)

AccessibilityController internal air temperature monitoring, unloading component temperature monitoring, fan MPPT

Component temperature monitoring, controller terminal upside down installation inversion monitoring (voice reminder)

Display modeLiquid (LCD) display
Communication methodRS232 (5V level), RS485 (standard) / short-range wireless RF (optional)
Parameters that can be displayedFan input voltage / current / power / power generation / speed / unloading current

PV input voltage / current / power / power generation

Battery voltage / charging current / power / total charge / battery status information

2 output ports output current / power / abnormal information

Standby power consumption (screen backlight off)About 20ma / (12 ~ 24) V system
How to operate3M foil button operation (4 buttons)
Working temperature and humidity range (environment)-40~+80°C/20~85%RH (but no condensation)
Protection levelIP41
Controller size (length * width * height *)175mm*148mm*84mm
net weight1.8KG
Design Features:

The circuit board has three anti-treatment and layered structure design, even if a small amount of water enters, it will not damage the equipment.

RS232 Communication
Standard RS232 communication, easy to monitor with computer software. (RS485, short-range wireless optional), using USB to RS232 components, more convenient to do data communication with the computer (computer with USB interface can be used).

Easy wiring
The injection molding process is adopted at the terminal, and the phenomenon of short circuit and wire contact does not occur, making it easier for the customer to operate.

Battery reversal will automatically alert you
The battery input end will not be damaged continuously, and there will be a buzzer warning. It avoids damage to the equipment due to wiring errors, fires, and better protects the battery.

Photovoltaic board reverse connection will automatically alert prompt
The input end of the photovoltaic panel will not be damaged continuously, and there will be a buzzer warning prompt. Special construction at night will not cause wiring errors (Note: The reverse connection detection at night wiring requires manual button intervention).

Continuous short-circuit output protection
The discharge output has continuous short-circuit output protection and over-current protection. Recover yourself after abnormal exclusion. It avoids damage to the equipment due to malfunction of the electrical equipment (especially short circuit) or causes fire.

Fan speed steady power generation control technology
The fan steady-speed power generation control method can make the fan not run at super-speed. In strong winds, the fan can control continuous power generation at a set speed to avoid direct braking of the fan due to stall caused by strong wind. Greatly increase the power generation of the fan and keep the fan running normally.

Wind stall current limiting power generation control technology
The fan stall limiting current control method can prevent the fan from running under overcurrent and protect the expensive generator from being damaged by the heat generated by the overcurrent.

Fan input MPPT power generation technology (boost type)
The wind and solar hybrid controller can provide automatic fan input upper limit power tracking mode, or 5-segment matching curve input configuration mode (input speed vs. input current; or input voltage vs. input current curve), which can greatly reduce the fan’s low wind speed efficiency. Power generation.

Support for multiple output mode selections
The controller offers a variety of output modes (light control, time control, morning light, PWM dimming, reverse) for easy application.

Statistics on cumulative power generation, remaining power, speed, current, temperature, etc.
The controller screen has conventional fan, photovoltaic, battery, output current, voltage, power display, as well as fan, photovoltaic cumulative power generation display, and battery residual power display, fan speed, unloading current display. The temperature of the controller is displayed.

The controller wiring terminal is placed with the warning function facing up
When the controller terminal is placed up, it will be alerted to allow the customer to use it in the correct installation direction, avoiding the use in the open air, or due to weather, the surface of the wire is dew, and the rain directly along the wire, the water is introduced into the controller. The possibility of damaging the controller after a large amount of water has accumulated.

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