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henzhen URILIC Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in one of the most developed cities in China – Shenzhen.

URILIC Energy About us

The corporation boasts great geological advantages as well as abundant sources, which enables the corporation construct an excellent scientific research team and develop a great supply chain with highly qualified suppliers.

The corporation specializes in the development of green energy to protect environment. We sell not only products developed by ourselves but also other highly qualified products about green energy, which enables the products be integrated. Nowadays our scope of business has spread to global range.

The corporation has the following products: wind power system, solar power system, Wind&Solar power hybrid system, energy storage system, LED lighting system for street lamps, and hardware CNC machining center. The corporation has strong capability in both project design and technology during construction of a project.

Following the global trend of energy conservation and CO2 emission cut, we mainly construct projects in wind power plants, solar power plants, LED lighting system powered by Wind&Solar hybrid power, independent power-supplying system for communication base station, Wind&Solar hybrid system for remote monitoring and related facilities for electrical management.

Aim of the corporation: Our company aims to alleviate global warming through producing green clear energy.

View of value: Honest, Opening, Innovative, Harmonious.

Operation Principle: Respect, Equal, Reciprocal.

Commitment to after-sales services: Listen carefully to know the problem; Analyze cautiously to find the solution; React quickly to solve the problem; Make sure the problem is solved.

After arduous struggling of staff in URILIC, we have established a great reputation in our field and have constructed many new energy projects with high quality in global range. We will insist a pragmatic attitude and the spirit of scientific innovation, trying hard to make a difference in global warming and CO2 emission, making the water and sky cleaner, the future brighter.